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Travel Montessori Busy Board

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Experience the ultimate in toddler development with our 7-in-1 Preschool Learning Activities Board. Designed to captivate young minds, this interactive board focuses on delivering a plethora of benefits for your child's growth and enjoyment.

Practical Life Skills Mastery: Unleash 15 engaging sensory activities on our life skills board, teaching toddlers valuable dressing techniques such as buckling, snapping, buttoning, and tying. Inspired by Montessori principles, this board enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination – all while keeping your little one entertained.


Cognitive Development Galore: Embark on a journey of alphabet, number, shape, color, animal, and weather exploration. The board features 26 letters, 10 numbers, 10 colors, 12 shapes, 11 animals, and 9 weather elements, all meticulously crafted for easy sorting and matching. This not only makes learning fun but also fosters cognitive development, helping toddlers embrace education with enthusiasm.


Soft & Safe Materials: Crafted from safe, premium wool materials with delightful unicorn designs, our activity board combines safety with aesthetic appeal. The soft yet sturdy board and fastenings ensure durability while maintaining a gentle touch. Packaged in delightful boxes, it makes for the perfect unicorn-themed gift for both boys and girls.


On-the-Go Learning: Measuring a convenient 11x9 inches and equipped with handles for easy portability, this busy board is tailor-made for travel. Whether in a diaper bag or during airplane or car journeys, it provides a quiet and engaging option, keeping little hands and minds occupied. Ideal for birthdays or Christmas, it's the perfect gift for 1-4-year-old children, promoting skill development without the mess, noise, or screen time.

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Why choose Montessori Toys?


Eco-friendly and Baby-Safe Materials

Educational Purpose

Emphasize Real-life Skills

Encourage Independence and Self-directed Learning

Prioritize Environmental Sustainability 

Other Toys

Made from Plastic

Lack of Intentinal Educational Design

Lack of Practical Relevance

Limiting Children's Autonomy

Contribute to Environmental Waste

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Excellent item high quality and girl really loves

Kyra Farrell

Exact description, good quality, accessories come in a zip bag.

Brendan Frost

the busy board is nice but just know you will have to cut the pieces out and stick them in the book.

Matteo Brown

It's as described . very easy to put together and I'll be shopping again

Lisa T

cute! exactly what I wanted.