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Wall Hanging Swan Plush - Nursery Room Decor

Wall Hanging Swan Plush - Nursery Room Decor

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Fabric Wall Hanging Swan - Nursery Room Decor

Material: Crafted from Linen, Polyester, and Pp Cotton for a perfect blend of beauty and comfort. 

Dimensions: Length 65cm x Height 40cm – a stunning statement piece.

Style: Infuse a touch of modern aesthetic into any space with this contemporary design.

Elevate your décor with the Fabric Wall Hanging Swan – where nature's grace meets modern style. Order now and add a unique flair to your surroundings!

Graceful Swan Design: With its graceful swan design and exquisite details, this plush wall hanging adds a touch of sophistication to your nursery's decor.

Easy Installation: The attached loop allows for effortless hanging, making it a convenient and eye-catching addition to your nursery.

Soft and Cuddly: Made from plush and huggable materials, it provides a comforting presence for your baby and can be cuddled and played with.

Versatile Decor: This swan plush is a versatile decor piece that can be used not only in nurseries but also in playrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces to inspire creativity and imagination.

Gender-Neutral Elegance: Its neutral colors and timeless design make it suitable for both baby boys' and baby girls' nursery themes.


Transform your nursery into a haven of elegance with our Wall Hanging Swan Plush, a whimsical and soothing addition to your nursery room decor.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Euna Keebler

Love so so much!

Beaulah Greenholt

Arrived in great condition

Jayme Lind

Perfect in line with my expectations good quality and fast sending

Eleonore Schuster

Super I love!! The Swan is like on the description

Lindsey Kreiger

Looks great. The hook is cool but requires additional sticking with double-sided tape. Besides, unreservedly.